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Better Bodies Glute Force Wash green-heavy OS - Fast Protein

Better Bodies Glute Force Wash green-heavy OS

Better Bodies
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Activate your glutes by Better Bodies. 

Tips: Perfect for home workouts 
Size: 33cm / 13 inch 
Material: Light (White): 85% cotton, 15% rubber Medium (Yellow): 80% cotton, 20% rubber Heavy (Wash green): 75% cotton, 25% rubber 
Features: Activates the glutes and provides an effective workout

Fill out those shorts and tights with buns of steel. The Glute Force is the perfect training partner when you want to target and activate your glutes. Use them to augment your gym training, spice up your in-home workout, or why not pack them in your suitcase when you are on the road. Heavy resistance. One size.  Swedish design. Shop now at Fast Protein.